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After several years of hip pain which got progressively worse despite my research and pursuit of various methods, I ultimately had surgery after Dr. Bharam’s comprehensive diagnosis. I really appreciated how Dr. Bharam took the time to expertly answer all my questions and educate me. He explains things well and is totally genuine. Along with a keen understanding of my condition, he has a natural gift for his profession and a great deal of empathy.

My pre-surgery arrangements were expertly coordinated. My hospital experience was wonderfully orchestrated and I was well cared for by the staff. The operational timing and logistics on my surgery day were impeccable. It was a good experience

After the surgery I followed his instructions and exercised my own reasoned caution, not rushing my recovery. The post-surgery physical therapy regimen he prescribed, along with my wonderful physical therapist, also contributed to the remarkable results I have experienced.

Dr. Bharam, his staff and entire operation are the whole package, and they put into my case and recovery as much as I myself had put into it.

-Mae L

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Having known that my hip pain was not going to subside on its own, i searched for the most competant, talented, and highly trained orthopaedist for labral repair of the hip. My research brought me to Dr Bharam’s office. I made an appointment with the office staff, Monica, who was extremely pleasant on the phone. Shortly thereafter, Dr Bharam examined my hip, reviewed my MRI films, sent me for xrays and answered all of my questions completely. This process lasted nearly an hour. I never felt rushed at anytime as he answered my questions completely. He is impeccable as a listener, educator, and most importantly highly skilled hip labral surgeon. If this is the surgery you need, you should meet Dr Bharam.

-R. Welch

Im not going to bother you with a long boring story, but Bharam is the BEST Surgeon…hands down. From the consult, follow ups, etc. Great staff as well!

-Dominic C

I am a 22 year old female. I have a history of a pelvic fracture with a torn right hip muscle. I have been living with this condition for approximately 2 years. I have been searching for a doctor that would genuinely help me without having the feeling of "maybe he/she is doing this for more the money." I have been working in the medical field long enough to be exposed to many kinds of people that work in the medical field. Therefore, I have been a little reluctant to seek for help; However, I did not loose hope. To cut to the point, upon my search, I was directed to Dr. Srino Bharam. At my first appointment, he assured me that he was going to help me no matter what. And that was exactly what he did. Due to my diagnosis, I had to have surgery. Before the surgery, I had chronic pain from my right hip and experienced a lot of difficulty doing everyday things without feeling pain. After the surgery, along with the recommended physical therapy, about 2 months later, I am now walking without pain or discomfort. Of course I am still in the recovery phase, but I feel a whole lot better after meeting with Dr Bharam and his staff. I promise you this is a real testimony. With the way things are going in life, it may be hard to believe that good things like this still happen, but it does. I did not loose hope and neither should you (if you’re still reading this). If it wasn’t for Dr. Bharam making a difference in my life, I wouldn’t still be making a difference in someone else’s life. I hope that my testimony helped. All the best,


I was referred to Dr. Bharam by a physiologist in the NYC area who recommended I follow-up with a hip surgeon due to a torn labrum in my right hip. I initially tried physical therapy to see if I was able to strengthen the muscles surrounding my hip but soon realized I needed to consult with Dr. Bharam as surgery was recommended. From the moment I first met with him in his office through my post-op follow-up appointments, he has the most incredible bedside manner of any physician I have ever worked with. He is able to share his knowledge with you while making sure he is not overwhelming you with information. Unlike many doctors, he will make sure you fully understand your options and their ultimate outcomes by letting you ask questions and truly educating you about your specific medical condition. One can even see this through his website that he clearly put a lot of effort into – hoping to educate his patients. I was hesitant to undergo the hip arthoscropic surgery to repair my torn labrum as I barely tried physical therapy but the tear was severe and surgery was my only option. I highly recommend anyone who is suffering from a hip injury to consult with Dr. Bharam as he is truly the best. My recovery was seamless and the physical therapists at STAR therapy, who work closely with Dr. Bharam’s patients, is a fantastic place that is very familiar with hip injuries. Dr. Bharam has an exceptional staff (Michelle and Helen assisted me directly) who are extremely sweet and patient. I had last minute schedule conflicts on a few appointments with Dr. Bharam and they were able to squeeze me in to see him at an alternate time. This is almost unheard of with most NYC doctors. He truly cares about his patients and is always available to speak with you or answer any of your questions. Thanks again, Dr. Bharam!


Dr. Bharam repaired my left hip injured in a mugging in December 2009. The cartilage was torn and (detached) with hip socket (impingement). The repair was excellent and I have full range of motion due to his skills and the following all recommended physical therapy. The joint was actually much worse than the MRI/CT scan tests indicated. Good doctor, with top-notch surgery skills. Highly reccomended. Regards,


I found Dr. Srino Bharam after seeing two other surgeons. I found his knowledge and demeanor very comforting. I eventually underwent two arthoscopic procedures with Dr. Bharam. Both experiences were exemplary. He took great care of me in and out of the hospital and continues to monitor my progress. I can reccomend his services without reservation. In reference to the negative review listed here from 2008. The person who wrote this is obviously immature and a vedictive personality. Both Dr. Bharam and his lovely wife are generous caring doctors. I cannot speak to any experience this person had with the doctor’s office staff. My advice is meet him, listen to his advice and draw your own conclusions.

-Mark P

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One year ago today, Dr. Bharam performed surgery on my hip labrum tear and impingement. Today, I am running in races, and exercising more than I ever have before! Dr. Bharam did an amazing job on fixing my pain and making me feel comfortable. I will forever be grateful for the work he did, and for getting me back on my feet! Thank you, Dr. Bharam!


After they picked me up off the street from an embarassing fall and took me to Lenox Hill, they determined I had fractured my hip. I didn’t know Dr. Bharam when he showed up at my bedside, but i had to trust him- hes was "going in" to determine what needed to be done to get me back on my feet! Ninety days later I returned to work. He is absolutely forthright from the first meeting and makes you f eel he’ll get you back to normal with the least-invasive procedure needed to fix whats broken. In fact I had NO idea how fortunate I was to have been assigned a Dr. with his vast experience and passion for his work. On return visits, he is extremely thorough and continues the dedicated, professional care you first experienced from your trauma… I strongly recommend Dr. Bharam to anyone w/ a hip, knee, or related problem! AND, if you have to visit a Dr., Dr. Bharam is a gentleman and nice guy you’ll enjoy spending time with! Sincerely


I ow do the hippy hippy shake…Doc is the best!!!



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